I started therapy sessions with Alexey Tsarik due to having pain and mobility issues in my neck, back, knee and hips. After just two sessions with Alex my movements are smooth with full range of motion in most joints and the pain I was experiencing had subsided.  Also, I noticed more mobility and stability over my whole body and not just in the areas I had mentioned on my first visit.   Alex worked with my whole body getting each and every joint moving and functions as it was created to function.   His treatments seemed to “wake up” my body and bring it back into balance.   Through out the treatments with Alex I was comfortable, relaxed and all the treatments were very gentle.   After just six sessions I now have more energy, no pains and all joints are moving a they should and I feel younger than I have in years.  

     Alex is professional, confident in his practice, and he exhibits a comfortable, relaxed and inviting demeanor.   His technique is a gentle manipulation of muscle, tendons, and joints over the whole body.  I highly recommend Alex as a therapist.


         I have been struggling with neck and upper shoulder pain for around 8 years. I am an office worker so most of my day is spent looking down at a computer. Sitting for so long in such an unnatural position, combined with stressful moments at work, has taken its toll on my neck area. I saw a chiropractor for several years, which helped some, but made me nervous due to the sharp manipulation of the body with the risk of spinal injury. 

          Now I regularly see Alexey Tsarik for his gentle manual techniques and deep tissue work. In a 45-50 minute session he works to relieve muscle tension, improve my posture, and “confuse” my muscles (i.e remind them that looking down at a computer nonstop is not a normal or healthy position). I have been seeing Alex for around 6 months now and my condition has improved significantly. I look forward to each of his sessions, especially one technique that makes the nerves in my neck feel like they are exploding in happy fireworks of relief. Alex’s techniques and his approach have been much more beneficial to me than other kinds of care. I would strongly recommend Alex to anyone suffering with neck and shoulder issues. 


I had an excellent experience with Tsarik Wellness! Alex is absolutely professional, punctual, personable, informative, and thorough. He always pay attention to details. Great at answering questions. I highly recommend him!


He is wonderful and has been working with our 3 yr old son  who is diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy for about a year now. Not only he is great with kids, he also has managed to improve our son's speech significantly. Thank you!!

I had a terrible pain in my neck, which came suddenly and disabled me for about a week. Very big problem that I couldn't solve for several years. Alexey is very professional - he worked with me during massage sessions and provided helpful recommendations how to work on oreventing this pain to come. He also pays a lot of attentions to details - individual features, history etc. Highly recommended! Thank you so much, Alexey!

Great service and hospitality! Alexey Tsarik has good experience and always knows what he's doing. He really helped my sister after an arm injury and myself as well. He's really friendly and beyond helpful, definitely recommend him to all.

Alexey Tsarik is a great specialist with vast knowledge and experience. I wish I had found him sooner, since I attribute a lot of positive changes in my health to his help.

Alexey Tsarik is knowledgeable, professional and comfortable to work with! He determined the reason behind my back pain during our first session and recommended the exercises needed to elevate the pain. Thank you for your work, doctor! I recommend Alexey Tsarik!

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