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I, Alexey Tsarik, am a licensed massage therapist #MA 93331 currently practicing in Florida. I graduated from massage school in Austin, TX (#MT 130503).  Osteopath (France). Wellness Specialist.

My focus is on rehabilitation of the body using gentle manual techniques, especially for people with neck, headache, back, and joint problems.

I also bring with me 10+ years of experience as a Doctor of Orthopedics, Osteopath, Doctor of Manual Therapy, and Pediatric (Child, Baby, Infant, Kid) Massage Therapist, as I graduated Medical University in Russia in 2007. In my work in Russia, I had lengthy experience with orthopedic and neurological problems in children and adults. I also used painless and effective manual techniques on my patients to relieve neck pain, back pain, and restriction of movement in the joints. Some of these techniques included CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Myofascial Release, Balanced Ligamentous Tension (BLT) and Muscle Energy Techniques etc. and many years practice and experience.

My patients usually felt improvement after only 1 or 2 sessions. I also participated in several medical educational programs and practice in France, Monaco, Russia, Germany, and the USA, including:


"An Osteopathic Approach to Common Orthopedic Problems in Children" (Course Sponsored by the American Academy of Osteopathy, USA)


"An Osteopathic Approach to Pediatric Care"

Osteopathic Education ("Structural Osteopathy", "Cranial Osteopathy", (CranioSacral Therapy), "Visceral Osteopathy" , "Posturology and Stabilometry"etc.)

"Pediatric Massage", "Pediatric Care", 

National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA), 

Avenue of Expression: A Feldenkrais Approach"  (USA)

CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger, USA) etc.

Member of the American Academy of Osteopathy.

Professional member ABMP.

I will use my experience to help you! 

Mobile Bodywork & Corrective Exercise Service

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Mobile Bodywork & Corrective Exercise Service

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